It isn’t a successful party without a photo booth and the props

It isn’t a successful Kardashian party without the photo booth and the props: time for you to give it a go!


Weddings, birthdays, graduations, baby showers…

The occasion might vary, the dresses will never be the same twice and new BFFs may join or leave the guest list but you can rest assured that at any Kardashian/Jenner bash you will see shots of them posing up a storm in their photo booth. Here're some of the well-known examples you’re likely to have seen across Instagram.


Something you can afford to copy

There are some things the KUWTK stars do that us mere mortals couldn’t afford to do or, in some cases, probably wouldn’t want to do. Hiring a photo booth to capture your guests in the fun, candid moments is a great way to record the memories of your special event and it doesn’t need the A-Star budget to have the A-Star experience.


Hiring a photo booth is also a really great, quick and easy way to introduce some form of entertainment at your event. It’s stressful planning any kind of do and one of the big worries is that people won’t enjoy it or that it’ll be a bit flat. A photo booth saves you this stress as it’s optional to take part in unlike music (which you have to hear but may not like) or a singer (who may not be as entertaining as Adam Sandler) or something too niche (like a bucking bronco as who can get on that in a dress?).


Pick a prop and send us your pics...




Feather boa

Comedy over-sized glasses

Lion mask

Giant lips

Or anything else that takes your fancy


We’d love to share your fun moments!


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