The must-have elements in creating an unforgettable Christening for your little one.

Unless you’re part of the Jenner/Kardashian clan, it’s likely that the first few years of your life will be the time when you’re photographed the most and, as a parent, I’m sure you’re gathering a nice collection of pictures of your little one. Some will be sweet, some will be embarrassing and some will probably just be a bit weird. Either way, you’re creating (and saving) precious memories for you and your little one.

To make your baby’s Christening an occasion as special as it deserves to be, we’ve put together some hints and tips to remove the stress and steer you in the right direction.

1.    Choose a cake that looks and tastes amazing.

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Is it just us or does some cake you get at special events taste like dry cardboard even if it looks spectacular? I think now, more than ever, it’s easy to find a cake that is affordable, super tasty and stunning to look at especially when you consider the trend towards naked cakes. A light and fluffy sponge packed with fresh cream, seasonal fresh berries and fresh flowers. It’s also likely that with the popularity of GBBO, you’ll also know an amazing amateur baker only too willing to find an opportunity to bake a cake. Special diets also no longer pose a problem as gluten-free, dairy-free cake recipes are everywhere (Made by Margie does a great one).

2.    Include your loved ones in the festivities.

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There are a variety of ways you can do this at a Christening. The obvious way most people will think of first is the Godparents and while most of us have one Godmother and one Godfather, there’s no limit to the number you can have: Prince George has 7 Godparents and Princess Charlotte has 5 Godparents. More widely, there’s the opportunity for all guests to share in the day by handing out thoughtful party favours. When deciding on your party favours, we’d suggest asking yourself ‘How much would I like to receive Jordan Almonds?’ If you’d be delighted to receive them, then go ahead with them. If not, try something else: nail varnish, mini potted plants, sparklers, blowing bubbles or, at the least, nice sweets.

There’s often little family traditions that you can incorporate too: maybe there’s a family christening gown? Guaranteed to be a touching moment.

3.    Make it your own

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Tradition is great but it can’t be at the expense of you feeling like the event is ‘right’ for you. It’s got to be what works for you so don’t be afraid to start new traditions or even throwing out the ‘should do’ rule book in its entirety. Opt for a naming ceremony, party or nothing as, at the end of the day, it’ll only be a precious memory if it’s a happy day.

4.    Dress little one in an amazing outfit.

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Let’s be clear, amazing doesn’t have to mean expensive. In fact, none of this needs to break the bank to be memorable. So, find something special i.e. that’s special to you. Think of Carrie in SATC – she got married in a dress by no name…if she can do it, so can your little one.

5.    Relax and enjoy it.


Stress isn’t fun. Not for you or your guests so have a breathe and relax on the day so that you’re able to be present and enjoy the moments as they’re happening around you, the best way to achieve this is to hire a Photo Booth. Looking back, you won’t remember whether there was a delay between courses or the balloons didn’t look quite right. You’ll remember the great moments when you look back at the photos.

We’d love to share your fun moments! Why not snap some pics and send them to us? We’d love to see how you get on.



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